The Factors



Why we choose fungi:

Often overlooked fungi are the great kingdom of rebirthers. They can help lead us forward in the great evolution of urban agriculture, and towards a more resilient culture.

  • Forestry and agricultural waste is readably available
  • Turn waste into compost for local gardens & farms
  • Mushrooms are high in Vitamin D (important for the PNW)
  • They are a niche market not yet filled on Northern Olympic Peninsula

Port Angeles Moon

The Place

Why Port Angeles?

Port Angeles is an incredible town nestled between mountains and salt water. Built from forestry and fishing this town grew from the extraction based mindset, and when environmental sanctions came into play the town hit a recession. 

Now we are on the brink of greatness, with 3 million tourist driving through on their way to see the magnificence that is our back yard, we need to start focusing on the beauty we have to offer, and create spaces that share how they can make their own home a little more resilient and healthy.




Our culture has a case of mycophobia that is readily tied in with our a fear of death and change. The time is now to start creating and building new models for a healthier world.