sold out

Too busy


Such a full day! From market where I couldn’t weigh them out fast enough to keep up with sales to cleaning up the farmstead for reboot... to starting a wine cap/straphoria bed, prepping my next batch of spawn, starting turkey tail tincture, cooking delicious dinner from the local goods my home is overflowing with, and finishing up with dancing.

I’m so grateful for for this amazing community, the people in my life, and the joy that this work continues to bring me. 



This week I have been so frustrated by a late check from my other job, followed by a gross act of lack of respect, and it really struck me deep, but after working through (quite literally) it by working on what I love, I am grateful. It is the kick in the pants I need to really get this show rolling.

I am definitely not perfect at this, yet I still manage to have fun even when things are falling apart. So onwards and upwards. Getting closer to puhpowee (the force which causes a mushroom to push up from the earth over night).


~Lily, the fungal farming momma