Belly flops and Creation Part 1 of 3

Yesterday I started my online reflection about this past year, celebrating it with vibrant beautiful photos that just barely touch the surface off all that transpired. But it's time to drive so much deeper, and begin to speak about the moments when I failed and things didn't go as I hoped because I gained so much more from those moments than the highlights I posted yesterday. The up moments came from the low moments and the balance of both are what have lead me to this version of here and now, and in it I am still working with fungi and I am happy and moving forward!

Let's start with this website…

I would not say this website is a major fail, I'm actually quite proud of what I created considering   the desperation and crammed hours to complete it for Edg3, unfortunately it was never used on my voter page and has since been grossly neglected these past 5 months, so I've been throwing money out the window to hold this space in cyberspace. But I am here now working to rectify that by using it as a platform for writing and sharing my story and others eventually as well.

I have always loved writing. I have such fond memories of going down to the local cafe in Chelan and ordering a bagel with extra butter with my godmother who doubled as my writing mentor as a homeschool kid. She helped me write the persuasive letter that got me into a youth amputee camp that came at a much needed time in my young and tender teen years. 

In high school I fantasized about traveling around and writing mini memoirs of homeless people as my way give faces and depth to the invisible, and after high school I wanted to start a Zine, to inspire people to live deeper lives, and share inspiring stories and sustainable skills. 

So this belly flop gratitude has lead me to make note of my neglected website and am pulling out one of my favorite tools to start sharing my journey and begin living up to my hopes and dreams of inspiring and teaching others.

Mush Love ~Lily the Myco~Pirate momma...