Full tilt boogie

It’s 9:33 pm and I really should have started my evening write a while ago but I swear ever since I started this blog it’s been full tilt boogie! 

Wednesday April 4th a group of businesses students started helping me solidify the foundation for my business plan and I was in a hurry to clean out my greenhouse for their arrival that Friday to meet them at give them a brief rundown on how to grow mushrooms, aka send them home with their own bags to fruit. Thankfully that got postponed so it’ll be happening on the 23rd instead, but it did get my behind in gear.

I’ve had the most productive road trip of all time last Tuesday; picking up 4 new cultures, 10# of Wild Morels and at least 100 pounds of spawn. Plus 5 new cultures arrived in the mail today yahoo! Sold out at the farmers market my first market of the season! Yahoo. 


 I have also started my bio-luminescent spawn for the science fair, started growing microgreens, and spirulina, chatted with someone about financing and took care of a 92 year old 60 hours a week a three year old 24/7, petsitted at two places, all while my uterus has been vacating it’s previous incarnation.

Things coming up include: mad dash to Seattle tomorrow for Cordycep Cultivation class with the great William Brown of MycoSymbiotic, more Morels Wednesday, meeting the students on the 23rd, science fair the 28th, Barter Faire May 18th and looking forward to the two continuing ed classes coming up for me in death doula and co-op creation (interesting spectrum eh?!).

Despite bouts of exhausting I’m feeling great and looking forward to the projects, learning and adventures ahead! I’m so grateful for this overflowing life. And in case you were worried... I think I'm doing a pretty good job at balancing this out with fun, and quiet tea sipping, ice cream munching, hot tub soaking down time.  

MushLove from this silly mycopirate momma.  

Work hard play harder, and eat well.