Some more morels to the story.


I am filled with such gratitude for the incredible network I am surrounded by and apart of. From superstars in my mycological world, to artists who have the skills to clean up my logo for t-shirts so I don't have to spend hours and hours in front of the computer, to writers, and single momma friends turning school busses into tiny homes. I feel like everywhere I turn on my social media and in my day to day life someone amazing whom I know personally, is doing really great things for the world. 

Tonight I would like to highlight my friend Nicholas Pouch, whom happens to be the most miraculous morel picker I know, not to mention a fantastic father, of which is saying a lot since I happen to believe I was raised by one of the greatest dads of all time.

Anyways I am getting side tracked... because of Nicholas, I have been able to start selling at the market 6 weeks earlier than I could have with my little greenhouse. That has given me 6 weeks to build up steady clients who are stoked for exciting mushrooms, and have more time start dialing in my micro greens. Plus I get the perks of munch on yummy morels every week and coming home with stellar trades from market. Yahoo.


I am grateful because he makes it possible and profitable for me to sell such incredible wild mushrooms, especially the ones that align with the name.

 Last fall I got clarity on why I realized why I am a fungal farmer over a forager. It became crystal clear as I flopped through the forest, slowly falling all over the place I definitely came to terms with the fact that in terms of fungi: wildcrafting will never be financially profitable for me.

The fulfillment that such adventures into nature provide to my soul far surpasses anything money to give me though. Spending hours in the woods searching and communing with my plant and fungal allies always fills me in ways I could have never expected, such glorious medicine cannot be measured. And I am always able to bring enough home to share with those closest to my circle. 


So with that I sign out for the night with this continuation of overflowing gratitude. And if you want some of the special morels, come say hi on Saturday. I will be slinging them at the Port Angeles Farmers Market. 


~Lily the Mycomomma Pirate