Business & Scalability


Today I got to meet the wonderful team of five business students helping out from Western Washington’s Business School extension in Poulsbo. It was another beautiful spring day and we got to sit around the picnic table in the sunshine and talk. 


It was so wonderful! I feel confident in having responses for their hour plus of questions, in regards to the business, and already got some great ideas in moving forward. I can’t wait to see what they come up with and am filled with gratitude for their help with the stuff that makes my head spin, they are looking at things from a different angle and I’m excited to learn more from them for the highest level of success. 

Then we adjourned to lunch of soup, sandwiches and salad at a local favorite: Togas soup house.  

In other news I’ve had a design for a sustainable micro mushroom farm inside a diesel bus for a while now. From driving on recycled veggie oil and being powered by solar, etc... the more I think about it the more I think it is the right step forward. It’s a step I can take sooner than later and it increases my farm size by almost 700%. Have wheels allows me to be both urban and rural, teach classes and get my lab solidified ASAP, all motivating qualities.

It would be a bigger space to fill up until I can grow into my ideal community commercial space, plus it fulfills my gypsy blood’s desire for travel...

So my loves, is where I’m at now. Still growing mushrooms, filling up the greenhouse I have until I get that bigger space, be it with wheels or stationary, either way I’m ready for some more growth.  


~MycoPirate Mommasita