An old letter a current vision.

Hey there, this is a letter I wrote last year in to network in preparation for launching a Kickstarter. I suppose there is the chance that that is what I am doing now as well.

I feel pretty solid in going into a Kickstarter and succeeding, the issue being, I feel like I’m still standing in a fork in the road and there’s several different ways I can take my Compass from here. So while I work on sorting through that enjoy this old letter, especially those of you who don’t know me.

Hi, I am Lily Athair, a single mother, with a prosthetic leg trying to use my passions and unique take on life to make the world a better place for my daughter and everyone else...

How you may be asking... By interacting with the earth through food, art and the community that surrounds me. I am trying to impact what is around me with the hope that it has a ripple effect.

I have learned that one can only lead or inspire change by example. Port Angeles,Washington is a town that came to be through as an extraction point from forest and sea, the town was literally paved with timber. In the 1980s after over a century of growth and success Port Angeles hit a depression with the creation environmental sanctions. Right now we are at the turning point where we have the opportunity to transform our town’s thought process and economy. We have the opportunity to set an example of how to come out of a depression and build a place that has a healthy economy built on regenerative and community building practices.


Port Angeles is a town where lumber men and transvestites can co-exist beautifully, and three dams can be unanimously be voted for removal by a diverse political spectrum so a local river could be restored to its natural state.


Almost 3 million tourists pass right through Port Angeles annually to enjoy the access to local hot springs, lakes, rainforest, ocean, and or the mountain that surrounds us. The opportunity is here to make a real difference by leading by example towards a more healthy, happy, connected and sustainable way to live on this bubble we call home floating through space.

We've been treating this earth as an extraction point as a whole, now is the time to start growing gardens and making art from the rubble we created before it is too late. Every ripple helps, it's time to step past this depression.

The Morel Compass is just an inoculation of my ideas and passions into the community of Port Angeles and the Olympic Peninsula, like the mycelium network that lies under our feet, the company's impact will branch out to transfer waste from local farms, mills, coffee shops, brewery's etc back to the urban farm in town and used to grow beautiful gourmet mushroom to feed the community, while at the same transforming that waste into healthy rich soil to go back to enhance the soil of local farms and gardens.

Mushrooms grow quickly and in small spaces, the perfect food for me to farm with my patience and need for social interaction, plus they are the great transformers of waste and what we see as death. They are the magical pheonixs workers of this planet with the ability to grow and digest plastic, oil spills, cigarettes butts, etc.

Once established the finances from the farm will easily sustain a portion of the building to be a welcoming space for locals and travelers alike to gather, socialize, learn, play games, support and inspire one another and hopefully find common grounds to see past our differences and enjoy and preserve the good things in life that we all share.

Well that was fun to re-read. I’m glad I have folders full of scripts, letters and brainstorms. It’s allowing me to keep up with my 33 days and still get some sleep. 

Blessings to all making your own ripples of love out these for a better world. Every drop comes together as such an epic force that shapes mountains.  



Lily, the MycoPirate Momma