Dreams coming true and Exhaustion

I feel so incredibly blessed to have so many of my dreams coming true all at once. Living in a micro community, with a micro farm, writing semi publicly, and my elder care vision happening on a small scale (I will definitely go into more detail about this some day I promise, or email and ask about it).


After watching my grandparents spend the later part of their lives in nursing homes I vowed to learn to care for elders in better ways. Like less removed from sociaty around different generations. I even went to CNA school and immersed myself in that which I loathed to figure out how to do better.  


Now I have the most amazing caretaking job, one I can bring my daughter too so I can still be a full time mother, while being constantly amused by the similarities in the polar age gaps. It is a job that pays my bills, and leaves my days open to grow mushrooms, start a business, go on mini road trips at the flip of a dime, and basically build up my next dream with less of the financial crunch. 


But I also have to acknowledge there are weeks when I am awoken several times a night and sometimes several nights in a row and yet I still try to function at top speed. And let just be frank, it's not pretty. I'm sure you are seeing it in these sloppy blogs filled with grossly embarrassing typos. 


It is so hard not to get pulled into the whirlwind of passion and excitement when everything starts clicking into place. Such things are exhilarating, and you want to leap up, but it's also easy to come down hard, exhausted and dizzy.


I'm grateful for the exhaustion because it gives me the moments to step back and relax, resettle and get grounded. A certain three year old convinced me that a soak in the hot tub this afternoon was more important than anything else and thank goodness, because I was floating away again. 


The waves of up and down are definitely getting easier these days, I don't think I'm swimming against the current as much, and I should probably do more to let it carry me once I do move. But hey I'm still learning, and thank fungi for that. 


Hopefully soon this blog will even out as well. But for now I'm just chugging along and trying not to forget to enjoy the scenery. 


And I sure hope some super duper duper duper good sleep and dreams (before 10!) to I can get logical again and sell some mushrooms tomorrow. 


Lily the MycoPirate Momma