Earth, wind, water, fire

I wrote this all out when I was just starting this journey into euntepaniership. Before I knew about triple and quadruple bottom lines, I related my business vision to the four elements.


It still holds true and is a good map for where I am aiming to take this ship. I am just still working on navigating the currents, and paying attention to the waves around instead of getting distracted by looking too far ahead.


The Morel Compass: rooted in all things mushroom, and small scale regenerative farming, aims to hold the space to inspire, encourage, and help promote people's gifts, and aspirations to live close to one another and the earthen that sustains us.


Inspired by the mycelial web that weaves the earth’s ecosystems together, carrying information and nutrients, and transforming waste and death into new life, The Morel Compass aims to reflect the ways of our mycelial allies to strengthen our local economy along with our global community.

Earth Wind Fire Water, the four elements in relation to our company, starting with Earth and Soil.

Earth/Soil: At the very core, The Morel Compass is an urban micro farm that keeps local organic waste out of landfills and transforms it into delicious and medicinal mushrooms for our community. After they are done producing mushrooms, the blocks of mycelium and compost will then be fed to worms, and crickets and transformed into a beautiful soil that can help enhance the soil of local farms and gardens.

Wind/Air: Mushrooms like us breath out Co2, so to offset the carbon footprint, the Morel Compass has created a green room, to grow organic spirulina a green super food, as well as microgreens and a couple dwarf exotic tropical fruit plants just for fun, and to recycle the carbon dioxide back into oxygen. Not only will the room offset the carbon created by our company, and bring more superfoods to our community, it will also provide a fun tropical atmosphere to be enjoyed even in the darkest days of winter.

Water: It is an essential part of the farm, mushrooms are 90% water. Only the cleanest most fresh water can be used for the cultivation of mushrooms. Too many chemicals can kill the fungi, yet unclean water can carry contaminants that can also compete or kill the mycelium, so the water coming into the farm will be put through an purifying system that cleans out all the chemicals and contaminants while separating alkaline rich and acidic water. The mushrooms and humans on the farm will have access to the super charged water, while the spirulina and other green allies will be given the acidic rich water.

Fire: In the growth of mushrooms we often use heat as a method to sterilize or pasteurize whatever food we are giving to the mushrooms to grow upon, so that they do not have to compete with other bacteria of fungi. For now propane is bein used.


In the future the steamers or boiler we will be using to do this will run off of electricity along with many other components of the farm.  Our goal is to instal solar panels to harness the great fire in the sky to to provide the energy needed to keep our farm functioning, using the model of what the plants and fungi do in nature.


We will also be exposing all our dried mushrooms to the sunshine because they have an amazing capacity to store and make Vitamin D digestible to us, something we are highly deficient in around these parts. 


With that I sign off day eight of this funGal's musings. MuShLove all around.