Plans vs Abundance

 'tis 11 pm and I just woke up from putting the babe to sleep. I'm grateful for the broken sleep and the opportunity to continue my personal commitment to 33 days of daily blogging. 


And what an astounding day it was! A marvelous mommy daughter adventure down the stunning hood canal, that can easily be written off as a business trip.


I find such satisfaction and joy when I  am able to financially support people I love, especially when it comes to my own business. When we come together to lift each other up and create networks we all able to find unexpected abundance. I try to consciously use my money to lift up the world in ways I wish to see as often as possible.


Our trip also lead us to visit a new farm set up, leaving with a car heaping with gifted oysters spawn.



So after three wonderful stops and two milkshakes we came home with a huge box of the season's first morels, several seringes of new cultures, and a car literally heaped full of more mushrooms spawn than I could have ever imagined. 


Once again I had ideas of how this blog was to go: topics all sketched out in an order I thought proper, yet after my Belly flops 1-3, life has had more input on shaping each new post. 


Which leads the lessons I learned (or relearned) today: life never fits inside expectations and plans.  but passions and drive will get the support of the "universe."  If you can go with the flow and work to bounce back from the curve balls, it will be more incredible than you could have ever imagined. Know that you fall down and "skin your knee," it's totally ok to stop and tend to it but get back up and try again, because it's all about chugging forward. 



So folks, I'm blessed to know the best morel picker this side of the Mississippi and he brought me 10 lbs of stunning and delicious fire fruiting bodies, some of the very first of the season and I'm looking to find them new homes so please stay tuned for a pop up outlet and recipes.


If you know you want some and you are on the Olympic Peninsula please send a message through Facebook.  


We are kicking this season off right with Morels and Microgreens. Gratitude abounds for the delicious abundance from this life I'm nurturing. 


Now sleep and replenishment! 

~Lily the Mycopirate momma