Mycelium teaches us that in order to fruit and spread our spores we must first reach down into the earth, build relationships, find the nutrients needed to thrive. 

That is is exactly what I’ve been doing the last thirty plus hours. Once I closed up my booth down at the science fair it was time to bunker down and get warm. I had friends visiting and I got to spend the evening, building a veggie pixy costume, eating gourmet tacos, going out to the movies and soaking in hot water.

It felt so good to celebrate all that has transpired over the last year, by stepping away from all that I have been trying to accomplish and just be here now. And now that I’m recharged I have so much more clarity toward my goals  and the right steps to get there. So thank you for your patience and support!

Get ready for t-shirts and the awesome adventure coming our way!


~the MycoPirate Momma  


Adios my friends, thanks for helping me get recharged.