I’m oh so very tired tonight, last night I went to sleep humming with inspiration from the co-operative class. Tonight battling anger and frustration. I am trying very hard  to harness such feelings to propell me and this business forward. 

Too much on my plate and lack of sleep are catching up with me this week for sure.

I feel like so many of my posts are so upbeat and motivational, I want to make it clear that I have many hard moments. I get angry, tired and sad. I avoid conflict often, and don’t speak up for myself enough.

I’m currently juggling a three year old all day, ninety-three year old through the night, while trying to start a farming business. It’s not an easy feat and I definitely do not do it gracefully half the time. I’m still so grateful for the moments I spend on farm though. Sunshine and mycelium help tremendously on these more rough days. 

And so I keep chugging along... 15 more jars of spawn today, lions mane fruiting, and a beautiful, wonderful daughter to inspire me to continue to work at giving her a better life, no matter how many times I get tripped up. 

Sweet dreams and MushLove,

~This imperfect momma, who happens to be a pirate MycoPirate