I never could have imagined the impact that my daughter would have on me or my life... and finding the words to convey such magic is also quite challenging. 

Unconditional love and empathy have been my super powers for as long as I can remember. Along with seeing people’s connections and weaving them together quietly behind the scenes. But I never knew just how much more my heart was capable of holding, it was like the Grinch when I first laid eyes on her, and my heart grew ten more size. 

Becoming a mother also connected me so much more to the earth and the need to tend to her. Because healing her also helps my children.

During my pregnancy I was gifted with the reminder impermanence, a prognosis that gave me mortality and the inspiration to live more fully, beat the system, and do as much as I can as fast as I can to plant the seeds and spawn for a healthier and more resilient world for her.

Then came mushroom, my passion grew for them grew inside me along side her. It’s not surprising that they are her favorite food. They hold healing power to extend my life and my impact, they hold healing powers for this earth, they teach us to remove the layers to find the tapestry of connections that are often blind to our eyes, they grow within my patience level, can be cultivated in the core of my community, and some day soon will be able to provide our income that I may continue to also be a full time mom teaching her skills that can carry her far in this world while at the same time teaching her to reach for her dreams and follow her heart by doing so myself.

Fungi came into my life with her to help me build her a better world and I am beyond grateful. I just have to learn to balance my vision, and remembering to slow down and be present for these special moments of snuggles, and the handfuls of dandelion, because I can definitely get swept into the daydreams of a better world and forget to see the perfection in front of me. 

With that I’m signing off from this screen for some sweet snuggles. 



Lily the Momma MycoPirate