Earth Day!


Happy Earthday!

Today I rebooted the farm, and what a perfect day to do so. Earthday has always been a very special day to in my life. I grew up in Chelan, Washington where Earthday was always one of my favorite celebrations. 

Partially because my parents instilled a very deep respect and love for this beautiful little marble we are traveling on, and mostly because Chelan always threw the most wonderful party, primary for the locals instead of tourists bait. There was always  great live and local music, to art and craft vendors, rides on the funny looking electric cars, and giant cardboard castles for us kids to decorate... It was pure bliss.  

As I wrote about before, earthday is also where I truly began my journey as an entrepreneur, when I hand sewed dozens of tiny mountainscape pins and magnets from scraps of fabric, so I could buy myself a laptop.

Those days when being cute pays, literally. Now I have an adorable offspring who is probably a better sales lady than me, she’s much more forward than I ever was, especially when she hands strangers a box of mushroom saying “you need to puy (she mixes the word buy and pay) these...”

Alas... back to the heart of the matter, our beloved earth. I love her so, she will be the one who continues to  mother my children and their children when I am gone.

When I found out just how much fungi can do to help heal the mess we have made of her, I knew that I needed to partner up with them. They could help me try to tend to her as she tends to us. 


Fungi is like the earth’s nervous system, and even like her immune system in some instances. They weave the living world together, sometimes carying a death that brings ballence. Like the honey mushroom that build meadows for creatures like pocket gophers. 

They can transform oil spills into places that can once again be teaming with life, they suck radiation out of the land around them to become little hotspots, they work symbiotically to become lichens that  transform rocks into soil, some glow in the dark, and others colinate the ocean floor.

On this day of celebration for this  earth, I am grateful for the fungi because we would not be here if they hadn’t come first and laid the groundwork for us to survive, I don’t think we will continue to be here if we don’t tap into them, and I am also grateful for their guidance in connecting more closely to this planet and the life I’m living here.   

MushLove, Happy Earthday... may every day be Earthday.  

 ~The pirate momma mycophile.