Musings and sticking too personal commitments. Day 6 of 33

We live in an extraordinarily beautiful world, and it's woven together by nearly invisible threads of fungi. It's time to reconnect to the tapestry of life and with one another to make this place we call home resilient and beautiful for our children and generations to come, not just physically and environmentally but also emotional and spirituallt  

We each have a choice, we can take the pain in our lives, communities and world and allow it to overtake and poison us. Or we can learn from it, and be transformed by it into greater versions of ourselves and our communities.

I have been forced since birth to make that choice daily. Now I hope to take what I have learned to help my local extraction based economy/society, embrace the environmentalism that punched it in the gut.

By cashing in on the ecotourism that flows through the Olympic Peninsula and creating a sustainable business model that has an impact on my community, socially, environmentally and financially.

We live in a money based world and my hope is to model a vibrant way to thrive financially while healing the world around me instead of harming it, giving healthy soil back to the land from our “waste” while also providing my community with incredible food and medicine. .

I am working toward this with the  hopes that my model and inspiration can ripple out to many other communities: creating more sustainable jobs, and healthy inspired and interconnected communities.

Fungi is the dish I bring to this pollock of both food for bellies and food for thought. Mycelium are my great teachers, they are the barers death, life, food and medicine, and a healthy dash of hilarity.

MushLove, ~ a very tired myco pirate momma.