Spawn and finances

Well today I finally got the part to get my pressure cooker up and cooking. Only took a week and a half longer than I anticipated between ordering wrong parts. Blah!!!

At least I know it works now and easily holds 18 quart mason jars so progress has been made even with that hiccup. 

Other big news is officially having a bank account for the business. Woohoo! After an hour spent signing my name over and over and over...  I’m officially in business, at least in regards to keeping my personal and business money separated. Little by little I am doing this. 

 The steps forward feel amazing and I am so grateful for this journey, but the truth is I’ve also been feeling spread a little thin. Home, caregiving and farm are in three separate places plus delivery of my daughter too and from school, also being 4 hours away from someone whom I love deeply who is not at all well and in the hospital now. I’m so grateful to get frequent updates on his health by it’s hard to be here and there emotionally.

So this afternoon I had a wonderful and inspiring chat with a dear friend, then I worked on reviving myself with a long soak in the hot tub thanks to me daughter. Followed by good food. I’m definitely riding the waves but still full of gratitude and moving forward. 




Lily the MycoPirate Momma  

Today’s find... yellow waxy cap (Hygrocybe flavescent)... looks and feels like a slimy kiss of sunshine