Accepting help

Boy it’s been a rough day... it’s really (super duper duper) hard to watch someone you love so dearly rejected help he so badly needs.

Specifically someone who is a major reason for getting into caregiving. I just wasn’t expecting him to need such high levels so soon, less than a year ago he was serving me coffee and speaking clearly, and easily traversing uneven terrain, now there are moments he can’t even walk half way across the house.

I have always looked at food to my major tool to take care of my loved ones, financially, health wise and mentally by giving them purpose and connection through gardening and eating together. Mushrooms for all those same reasons plus their wisdom in death, new birth and their responsibility to connect every end of that spectrum. 

I, of course am scheming on ways to get him closer than 6 hours away so we can surround him with loved ones, care and good food. In the mean time the lesson I am choosing taking away is: how much pride can block us from accepting help, and in doings so blocks us from getting where we want to be.

That is a lesson I have struggled with all my life, including my efforts since starting this business. I am going to have to kick that patterning to the curb to be able to co-create the greatness I envision. I started this weekend with great success when I left market in different hands.

So yet another lesson in my pocket, moving onward and upward with all of you. I will probably be putting more calls for help out there  


So MuShLove,  

~Lily the MycoPirate Momma