Farmers market day


I am going to bed pleased to know my efforts to keep consistency have worked today. Thanks to a dear friend, I was able to have mushrooms at the market today, pay her, and still be financially ahead while also being able to leave town in order to keep inside my own personal and emotional needs by spending time with my father and a very ill dear friend of the family.  

Every little step forward, even if my pockets are not overflowing, feels so amazing. I am so grateful to have my financial safety net so that I don’t have to depend on an income from figuring thing out as I start my farm and business. It is allowing me to build a solid foundation while also being able continue to love what I’m doing without that extra stress  

Other gratitudes of the day are a spontaneous visits to the Olympia farmers market, geeking out about death rebirth and Fungi with someone wonderful, mushroom spawn for our garden, and Bliss’s chocolate.

I sure wish and will strive to create something similar to Olympia’s market in Port Angeles because I know if inoculated correctly it has the potential to thrive and fruit because everything it needs to succeed is there. 

So with I sign off for the night to catch up on sleep so I can savor tomorrow’s moments with my loved ones. And find rejuvenation to keep moving forward and building my dreams. 

MushLove, ~the MycoPirate mommasita