Slowing down...

Perhaps I did learn from my "going too fast" message, because I ended put my blog to the side for some much needed sleep to recharge. No guilt whatsoever, and just because I fell off my wagon does not mean I am quitting. So hello folks... I am grateful to be here.

I started soaking the grains for my spawn, and picked up more morels since last check in, only to find out I am missing the weight for my pressure cooker, deeming it useless to sterilization until Amazon delivers my magical little piece. I promise I tried to find it locally first but, alas they will get it here fast enough so, so be it. 

In other news, my spirulina is still alive though I am going to have to find a better home for it since you can hear the bubbling through out the house at all times and I think it might be making me pee more, also I started turkey tail tincture harvest from a log growing in front of some of our dearest friends' yard, and Morel Compass will be at the market tomorrow with basil micro greens, and morels, be there early because we are sure to sell out.

So things are still happening! This week is spring cleaning on the farm and getting ready to get buckets back up and pumping out Blue and Elm oysters pronto, also going to play around with plug spawn, and liquid culture. Really wishing I could consolidate my farm soon, the amount of time I have spent these days in an iffy car is about to make me batty! But so far so good, and it feels worth it to see all that is growing internally and externally. 

And with that stay tuned, for the direction of my logo, and the sale of t-shirts with it coming up to help me build that consolidation

MushLove, a tired momma still obsessed with mushrooms.