Goin too fast...

Well I got my first speeding ticket today plus no insurance. Ooops. Like super big oops!!! Grateful to know it won’t break the bank and for a momma who taught me how to go to mitigation court.  

I’m still not entirely sure what I’m supposed to take away yet, but I’m grateful for the reminder to slow down and let things fall into place, because they always do. I definitely cried for a minute but realized how foreign it felt to cry, I almost had to force it. I’m sure that block is healthy. Though I also moved past upset to peace really quickly and easily so that is definitely good. I have a lot of faith that it all happened for good reason even if I’ll never know why, I just couldn’t shake the feeling that it was some how a blessing.

Anyways, after I considered going home to hide in a hole for about three seconds, I ventured onward and still got to hug my sweet friend after missing our dinner date, if only for 5 minutes it was still wonderful. Then I was followed by an eagle back to my car.  

The talk was completely awesome, definitely adds up to the most expensive talk I have ever been to but I cannot think of many people more worth it.

I’m so proud and lucky to know the great William Padilla-Brown, a guy who is making ripples of good in this world for his son and my daughter, and I’m happy to know I’m not the only one “using” my child’s cuteness to sling mushrooms. He’s the inspiration for spirulina within my micro farm, and had other crazy brilliant ideas about inoculating trash islands to create floating Edens.  Hopefully next time he’s out in Washington he’ll be teaching at my place!!! 

To top it all off I’m coming home some of his cordycep culture. And a little jar of fresh cordyceps still growing. Yahoo so stoked to play with them. 



Alrighty now to drive home safely, dress a 92 year old in the morning, make bioluminescent spawn tomorrow, pick up morels and continue onward.

So MushLove from this MycoMomma