Food weaves us together like mycelium weaves the forest.


I am grateful to have been raised in a family where it was important to eat meals together around the table each night or often had dinners with friends. As I grew up I realized the power that holds to create strong bonds while it also lead me appreciate good food.


In high school I lived in the tiny Retreat Center called Holden Village where we ate our meals together as a staff and guests. It created a sense of community weather there were 70 people or 450. And it also helped me open my eyes even more to the power food has to connect people, bridging age gaps, as well as social and political  


I also was blessed to grow up with incredible farmers around me, and a big garden in our yard to eat fresh peaches from the tree, tomatos from the plant peas from their vines etc. so many people are so removed from their food and my childhood built in me the need to interact with my food's roots on the deepest level I could as often as possible.  



So, I have known for quite some time now that I desire a life centered around food. How that played out is a vision that has evolved and morphed more times than I can count: I dreamt of a traveling crepe stand, tiny pie business, mason jar picnic services, a classic farm in the picturesque country side with every farm animal imaginable, etc.


One thing I did know was I wanted to try and  instill those same values in my daughter when she decided to arrive as well as build a life where I could work with her around. As well as teaching her the skilled to feed herself no matter where she is in the world  


The abridged version of the story is the last couple years have been extremely transformative to me, and I came to the realization that I desire and require that weblike connection mycelium creates, with my own community. 

I need to be a farmer who is in your face instead of out of sight. I am focusing on my passion of mushrooms so I can support my fellow farmer and artisans with the things they excel at. So that we each may grow or create our own thread to the best of our ability to be woven together to create a magnificent tapestry that we all can enjoy.


My vision for the future is to create the space where all the ages can come together to inspire one another, for me that space has to be rooted in food and arts, and supported by mushrooms. 


And with that I should sleep, because tomorrow is my first market of the year, and another step towards making all those things happen. 


So MushLove from this MycoMomma!