T-minus 3 days till voting ends.

Well, it has been little over a week since the voting period opened for Kitsap Bank's Edg3 Fund! Wowzer it sure has been a whirlwind! I am still speechless from the outpouring of love and support throughout this journey. I also have so much gratitude for how much I have learned thus far in this competition... For example:

  • Video editing, and where to find infinite music to use in videos.
  • Building a website 
  • Social media marketing

Next skills to master: Speaking in public! Eeek it's totally scary, but also completely important for the work I wish to do. I am going to have to learn someday if I want to teach classes about the amazing kingdom of fungi, so it's a good thing I am practicing now. 

In other news, rainbow harvest this week! And bought my plane tickets for the Women's Mushroom Retreat in Almond Wi. A weekend of sipping delicious tea, taking classes from some of my mycological idols, and sharing ideas on ways we can come together to heal this planet and our communities at home!