Mycelium teaches us that in order to fruit and spread our spores we must first reach down into the earth, build relationships, find the nutrients needed to thrive. 

That is is exactly what I’ve been doing the last thirty plus hours. Once I closed up my booth down at the science fair it was time to bunker down and get warm. I had friends visiting and I got to spend the evening, building a veggie pixy costume, eating gourmet tacos, going out to the movies and soaking in hot water.

It felt so good to celebrate all that has transpired over the last year, by stepping away from all that I have been trying to accomplish and just be here now. And now that I’m recharged I have so much more clarity toward my goals  and the right steps to get there. So thank you for your patience and support!

Get ready for t-shirts and the awesome adventure coming our way!


~the MycoPirate Momma  


Adios my friends, thanks for helping me get recharged. 

Spreading the good word of myco-salvation...


Sweet dreams!

I am just popping in to say hi, and keep within my daily check in goal. I am super  excited for tomorrow to share all the amazing ways we can, and already do use fungi on our table, in our medicine cabinet, for building houses, and making leather etc... 

Now for rest so I am bright eyed and bushy tailed for the event tomorrow.

Come on down to the pier in Port Angeles, and nerd out with all the amazing local businesses using science to make our world a better place, the event is happening from 10am-4pm!


Lily the mycopirate momma

Empathetic mycophile


T-minus two days till Geek Out, our communities celebration of science fair that arose out of last year’s march for science.

I’ve already done the post about how much has transpired over the last year which continues to blow my mind... but there is still so much more I wish to accomplish.

Today I am amused by the fact that my passions are so science based. This week I’m undertaking my first time making cheese... another process with fungi.

I’m such an artistic and empathetic person chalk full of spontaneity, so this world of sterile environments and catologing results is definitely an interesting box to try to conform to. Perhaps that’s why I’m here, to dance in and outside that box, and learn how to mix the ideas and inspiration from all angles into some new kind of medicine for this world.


~Lily the Pirate momma mycophile and artistic caregiver.  



I’m oh so very tired tonight, last night I went to sleep humming with inspiration from the co-operative class. Tonight battling anger and frustration. I am trying very hard  to harness such feelings to propell me and this business forward. 

Too much on my plate and lack of sleep are catching up with me this week for sure.

I feel like so many of my posts are so upbeat and motivational, I want to make it clear that I have many hard moments. I get angry, tired and sad. I avoid conflict often, and don’t speak up for myself enough.

I’m currently juggling a three year old all day, ninety-three year old through the night, while trying to start a farming business. It’s not an easy feat and I definitely do not do it gracefully half the time. I’m still so grateful for the moments I spend on farm though. Sunshine and mycelium help tremendously on these more rough days. 

And so I keep chugging along... 15 more jars of spawn today, lions mane fruiting, and a beautiful, wonderful daughter to inspire me to continue to work at giving her a better life, no matter how many times I get tripped up. 

Sweet dreams and MushLove,

~This imperfect momma, who happens to be a pirate MycoPirate  



I never could have imagined the impact that my daughter would have on me or my life... and finding the words to convey such magic is also quite challenging. 

Unconditional love and empathy have been my super powers for as long as I can remember. Along with seeing people’s connections and weaving them together quietly behind the scenes. But I never knew just how much more my heart was capable of holding, it was like the Grinch when I first laid eyes on her, and my heart grew ten more size. 

Becoming a mother also connected me so much more to the earth and the need to tend to her. Because healing her also helps my children.

During my pregnancy I was gifted with the reminder impermanence, a prognosis that gave me mortality and the inspiration to live more fully, beat the system, and do as much as I can as fast as I can to plant the seeds and spawn for a healthier and more resilient world for her.

Then came mushroom, my passion grew for them grew inside me along side her. It’s not surprising that they are her favorite food. They hold healing power to extend my life and my impact, they hold healing powers for this earth, they teach us to remove the layers to find the tapestry of connections that are often blind to our eyes, they grow within my patience level, can be cultivated in the core of my community, and some day soon will be able to provide our income that I may continue to also be a full time mom teaching her skills that can carry her far in this world while at the same time teaching her to reach for her dreams and follow her heart by doing so myself.

Fungi came into my life with her to help me build her a better world and I am beyond grateful. I just have to learn to balance my vision, and remembering to slow down and be present for these special moments of snuggles, and the handfuls of dandelion, because I can definitely get swept into the daydreams of a better world and forget to see the perfection in front of me. 

With that I’m signing off from this screen for some sweet snuggles. 



Lily the Momma MycoPirate  

Business & Scalability


Today I got to meet the wonderful team of five business students helping out from Western Washington’s Business School extension in Poulsbo. It was another beautiful spring day and we got to sit around the picnic table in the sunshine and talk. 


It was so wonderful! I feel confident in having responses for their hour plus of questions, in regards to the business, and already got some great ideas in moving forward. I can’t wait to see what they come up with and am filled with gratitude for their help with the stuff that makes my head spin, they are looking at things from a different angle and I’m excited to learn more from them for the highest level of success. 

Then we adjourned to lunch of soup, sandwiches and salad at a local favorite: Togas soup house.  

In other news I’ve had a design for a sustainable micro mushroom farm inside a diesel bus for a while now. From driving on recycled veggie oil and being powered by solar, etc... the more I think about it the more I think it is the right step forward. It’s a step I can take sooner than later and it increases my farm size by almost 700%. Have wheels allows me to be both urban and rural, teach classes and get my lab solidified ASAP, all motivating qualities.

It would be a bigger space to fill up until I can grow into my ideal community commercial space, plus it fulfills my gypsy blood’s desire for travel...

So my loves, is where I’m at now. Still growing mushrooms, filling up the greenhouse I have until I get that bigger space, be it with wheels or stationary, either way I’m ready for some more growth.  


~MycoPirate Mommasita  

Earth Day!


Happy Earthday!

Today I rebooted the farm, and what a perfect day to do so. Earthday has always been a very special day to in my life. I grew up in Chelan, Washington where Earthday was always one of my favorite celebrations. 

Partially because my parents instilled a very deep respect and love for this beautiful little marble we are traveling on, and mostly because Chelan always threw the most wonderful party, primary for the locals instead of tourists bait. There was always  great live and local music, to art and craft vendors, rides on the funny looking electric cars, and giant cardboard castles for us kids to decorate... It was pure bliss.  

As I wrote about before, earthday is also where I truly began my journey as an entrepreneur, when I hand sewed dozens of tiny mountainscape pins and magnets from scraps of fabric, so I could buy myself a laptop.

Those days when being cute pays, literally. Now I have an adorable offspring who is probably a better sales lady than me, she’s much more forward than I ever was, especially when she hands strangers a box of mushroom saying “you need to puy (she mixes the word buy and pay) these...”

Alas... back to the heart of the matter, our beloved earth. I love her so, she will be the one who continues to  mother my children and their children when I am gone.

When I found out just how much fungi can do to help heal the mess we have made of her, I knew that I needed to partner up with them. They could help me try to tend to her as she tends to us. 


Fungi is like the earth’s nervous system, and even like her immune system in some instances. They weave the living world together, sometimes carying a death that brings ballence. Like the honey mushroom that build meadows for creatures like pocket gophers. 

They can transform oil spills into places that can once again be teaming with life, they suck radiation out of the land around them to become little hotspots, they work symbiotically to become lichens that  transform rocks into soil, some glow in the dark, and others colinate the ocean floor.

On this day of celebration for this  earth, I am grateful for the fungi because we would not be here if they hadn’t come first and laid the groundwork for us to survive, I don’t think we will continue to be here if we don’t tap into them, and I am also grateful for their guidance in connecting more closely to this planet and the life I’m living here.   

MushLove, Happy Earthday... may every day be Earthday.  

 ~The pirate momma mycophile. 

Too busy


Such a full day! From market where I couldn’t weigh them out fast enough to keep up with sales to cleaning up the farmstead for reboot... to starting a wine cap/straphoria bed, prepping my next batch of spawn, starting turkey tail tincture, cooking delicious dinner from the local goods my home is overflowing with, and finishing up with dancing.

I’m so grateful for for this amazing community, the people in my life, and the joy that this work continues to bring me. 



This week I have been so frustrated by a late check from my other job, followed by a gross act of lack of respect, and it really struck me deep, but after working through (quite literally) it by working on what I love, I am grateful. It is the kick in the pants I need to really get this show rolling.

I am definitely not perfect at this, yet I still manage to have fun even when things are falling apart. So onwards and upwards. Getting closer to puhpowee (the force which causes a mushroom to push up from the earth over night).


~Lily, the fungal farming momma

What are you worth?

I feel like there is a lot of shifting and movement in my life these days and I’m not always sure why or how they will affect me but I continue to work hard, love hard, and commune with Fungi.

Lesson of today: you can’t depend on other people holding up to your needs in regards to self worth, or for money... after being belittled in asking for fair treatment, I can step back and assess how i will move forward, while I continue to work hard to build the solid foundation for a business that will feed my soul and our bellies. 

And tomorrow I will ballence the work and belittlement, by playing hard with beautiful souls who know my worth, and spend some time far away from work and technology to recharge my inner battery so I can come home to innoculate buckets, spawn and plugs and grow grow grow!



Some more morels to the story.


I am filled with such gratitude for the incredible network I am surrounded by and apart of. From superstars in my mycological world, to artists who have the skills to clean up my logo for t-shirts so I don't have to spend hours and hours in front of the computer, to writers, and single momma friends turning school busses into tiny homes. I feel like everywhere I turn on my social media and in my day to day life someone amazing whom I know personally, is doing really great things for the world. 

Tonight I would like to highlight my friend Nicholas Pouch, whom happens to be the most miraculous morel picker I know, not to mention a fantastic father, of which is saying a lot since I happen to believe I was raised by one of the greatest dads of all time.

Anyways I am getting side tracked... because of Nicholas, I have been able to start selling at the market 6 weeks earlier than I could have with my little greenhouse. That has given me 6 weeks to build up steady clients who are stoked for exciting mushrooms, and have more time start dialing in my micro greens. Plus I get the perks of munch on yummy morels every week and coming home with stellar trades from market. Yahoo.


I am grateful because he makes it possible and profitable for me to sell such incredible wild mushrooms, especially the ones that align with the name.

 Last fall I got clarity on why I realized why I am a fungal farmer over a forager. It became crystal clear as I flopped through the forest, slowly falling all over the place I definitely came to terms with the fact that in terms of fungi: wildcrafting will never be financially profitable for me.

The fulfillment that such adventures into nature provide to my soul far surpasses anything money to give me though. Spending hours in the woods searching and communing with my plant and fungal allies always fills me in ways I could have never expected, such glorious medicine cannot be measured. And I am always able to bring enough home to share with those closest to my circle. 


So with that I sign out for the night with this continuation of overflowing gratitude. And if you want some of the special morels, come say hi on Saturday. I will be slinging them at the Port Angeles Farmers Market. 


~Lily the Mycomomma Pirate