Why so obsessed with fungi? 


These two videos are a great place to start, in fact I saw the first one while pregnant with my wee child and sent me into finding ways to connect to the mycelium underground in order to try to give my child a better world.

6 Ways That Mushrooms Can Save the World

You Didn't Know Mushrooms Could Do All This! 

If you don't care to watch those, it all boils down to:

#1. The North Olympic Peninsula has the perfect sources for mushroom substrate and an ideal climate for growing mushrooms. We can transform "waste from local mills and agricultural businesses, and convert it into food medicine, and healthy mycorich soil to return to our farms and land. Port Angeles is on the brink of greatness, and Morel Compass has the potential to help inspire regenerative business models. 

#2. Mushrooms and their webs underground have the ability provide healing to both us and our planet though offering medicinal properties, and being able to heal and digest toxic human problems on this planet like oil spills.

#3. Mushrooms can grow great in urban settings and small spaces.

#4. They are my child's favorite food.


The Company


Morel Compass was founded in 2017 by Lily Athair. Was founded in a small farm in a 6' by 8' greenhouse in downtown Port Angeles Washington and currently grows a variety of oyster mushrooms.

The Morel compass was created with the hopes of providing the community with gourmet and medicinal mushrooms while diverting "waste" from our local lumber industry, as well as agricultural and food waste from local brewery's and coffee shops etc.

We also hope to inspire a more resilient community by hosting classes and community events to promote regenerative skills. From fungi, to wild food, to collage parties to repurpose old magazines into art in community building moments of self expression.

This summer of 2018 we purchased an old 1979 Greyhound to convert it into a mobile micro farmstead to be able to grow mushrooms year round, establish our lab, and travel to teach people how to either grow food in small spaces or integrate fungi into their permaculture farms.

Please stay tuned as we move and grow!


The Team


Lily AThair

Founder, Mother, Mycophile, Pirate, 

Fortunate enough to grow up in a family that made home cooked meals and ate them together around a table from locally sourced food. I grew up loving good food and appreciating the impact it can have on a community. Born with one leg significantly shorter than the other, I have always had to find different paths in this world which has given me the creativity to overcome many challenges, and the confidence forge forward to make my dreams come true. Fungi combine my passion for food, community and making this world a little healthier for my daughter and grandchildren.


Satya Athair

Inspiration, Farmhand, Mycologist in training, 

This child has loved mushrooms since she was inside my womb, and my passion for them grew inside me alongside her. I spent most of my pregnancy researching all that I could about growing mushrooms, and using them for both medicine and remediators to digest oil spills and plastic. She is my compadre in foraging, sales lady, and can almost do all the steps of cultivation herself. Fungi offers the opportunity for me to be her mom full time, put food on our table, and teach her skills that will take her far in this world.


NEtwork of Support

Spanning this country and beyond

Growing up, I was blessed with the opportunity to travel and see the whole country, and meet many amazing people with every skill set you can name, from plumbers, and carpenters, to CEOs, doctors, herbalist, permacultutist, mycologists alike, and I have been nurturing the connection and flow of information from them over all these years to create a solid foundation of support for this mission and vision.